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Paleo Diet Definition: Eat Like It’s the Stone Age

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Results after searching for the Paleo diet definition would contain more or less these words: “eaten by early humans.” Yes, you read that right. However, “by early humans” doesn’t relate to people who lived hundreds of years ago.

Humans who lived 10,000 years ago used to eat the Paleo diet way. Of course, these people didn’t know they were eating according to such diet plan. How would they know? What’s fascinating about their diet is that it is not limiting.

Defining Paleo Diet

Many misconceptions exist in this diet plan. The Paleo diet is short for Paleolithic diet. This diet can also be called “caveman diet” or “Stone Age diet.”

The most common Paleo diet definition is it’s a diet which comprises modern foods people eat on a daily basis mimicking our hunter-gatherer ancestors’ food groups.

This diet plan, though it has been lying around for more than 10,000 years, was only popularized in 2002. Dr. Loren Cordain published The Paleo Diet, and his book gained a lot of respect in the scientific community.

The central premise of this diet is to mimic the eating habits of the Paleolithic humans. During the Paleolithic era, humans hunted and gathered resources. These humans were called as “hunter-gatherers.” Agriculture was not yet practiced in that era. Thus, these hunter-gatherers relied on what was in the environment like fruits and animals.

Eating Like Hunter-Gatherers

You got to live like hunter-gatherers, but don’t be silly. You need not live in caves. The aim is to mimic the eating habits of the Paleolithic humans.

So you need to discern whether you’d like to cut your cravings for Spam or Hunt’s Pork and Beans. Again, you should mimic the eating habits. That’s why you need to cut all those processed food, grains, legumes, sugar, and salt.

In the Paleolithic era, you really wouldn’t see a Coca-Cola factory nearby or a meat processing factory. If you want to succeed in this diet, cut the processed goods. Moreover, some people who apply the Paleo diet even do rigorous activities to fully achieve the effects of this diet.

Planning Your Meals

In this diet, meat is your friend. Fish and seafood are allowed. For meat, it must be grass produced. Grass-fed beef is Paleo meat. The only hint for this is that the animal wasn’t fed using food pellets or powders.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good, but cereal grains are not allowed, unfortunately. Eggs and healthful oils like olive oil and flaxseed oil aren’t forbidden (thanks be to God).

It may break your heart, but dairy is in the not-allowed side. If you can’t live a day without mashed potato, you might say – just temporarily – goodbye to potatoes in this diet. Of course, soda is in the blacklist, as well as salt and refined sugar and vegetable oils.

The Paleo diet may limit you from your favorite food selections. But do remember that if your goal is to eat right, this diet is good for you. However, seeking a nutritionist’s advice is still recommended. You should remember that every person has different needs.

Thus, after learning the Paleo diet definition, you should now start to discern whether this diet is for you or not. But above all, eating right is the goal.



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