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Dukan Cruise Phase 101: Mind the Vegetables You Eat

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Dukan Cruise Phase is also known as the second step. It focuses on adding vegetables to your Attack Phase menu which involves 68 allowed protein-rich foods that will help you lose weight and gain a healthy body. While eating vegetables is undeniably easy, there are people who might have an awkward start with this step since they are not used to eating vegetables.

Just like meat, vegetables are also essential in the Dukan Diet. For instance, if your meal plan includes a hefty amount of lean meat, you can gradually add non-starchy vegetables in your diet plan. If you already coped up, you can eat proteins and starchy vegetables alternatively. Remember: you do not have to force yourself to eat vegetables initially if you can learn how to balance the food that you eat.


Starchy Veggies vs. Non-Starchy Veggies

Every vegetable can give you different kinds of nutrients and benefits. According to experts, non-starchy vegetables are the important part of every diet plan if your goal is to lose weight. In the Dukan Cruise Phase, starting to be healthy is not easy as it seems since you have to learn about how to balance the food you eat.

Examples of these non-starchy veggies are green beans, broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower. On the other hand, starchy veggies include potatoes and corn. Although starchy veggies are considered to be “heavy,” these are still god sources of different nutrients. You can take potatoes and corns provided that these will be alternatively taken along with proteins.

If you really want to change your eating habits and lose weight, you should start adding these vegetables to boost your health and diet.


Veggie Healthy: Nutrients and Benefits

It is no brainer that vegetables have countless health benefits. Since the Dukan Cruise Phase will take months to even a year depending on one’s “true weight,” you should know that during this phase, you will be gaining different types of vitamins!

Let’s start with Vitamin K, which helps in strengthening our bones and arteries. Do you want healthy bones matched with a healthy heart? Eat some spinach because it is rich in Vitamin K.

And then, there’s Vitamin A that gives helps in gaining god eyesight as well as healthy skin and strong immune system. Vitamin A can be found in vegetables like kale and carrots.

Lastly, you can get Vitamin C from vegetables! This is an important nutrient in protecting your cells, which makes your bones and muscles strong. It also helps on your digestion and is a big help for people diagnosed with diabetes.


Continue Your Veggie Journey

Dukan Cruise Phase really brings a change to a person’s diet. It brings health benefits to you and it helps you detoxify your body. Once you already achieved your true weight, do not stop. Some people think that once they got their desired result, they will stay that way forever which leads to another weight gain problem and removing vegetables from their diet plan.

Dukan Diet transformed the idea of diet by focusing on proteins, but it also requires you to incorporate vegetables into your daily diet. Good luck on your weight loss journey!







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