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Dukan Attack Phase Menu: Indulge in Food During the First Step

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We have already seen different kinds of advertisements about different products to improve one’s health. Some people starve themselves while others are eager to push themselves for too much physical activities. Brace yourselves because the Dukan Diet is here! You will no longer abstain from food even you’re on a diet.

The first step of the Dukan Diet is known as the Attack Phase. This is the phase wherein you can eat “unlimited” food provided that these meals are rich in protein. Why is that so? Protein is a nutrient needed by the body to improve overall health – muscles, blood flow, and even hormones.

What to eat? Fret not because even though you can eat unlimited food servings, Dukan Diet will still limit you to “what” food you take. There are a lot of recipes that are under the Dukan Attack Phase menu which gives you all the proteins you actually need. Are you ready? Here are some food you can eat as part of your Dukan Attack Phase menu.


Lean Meat: Be Protein-Ready

Lean meat is the first on the menu whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Your breakfast is a big factor, thus making it the most important meal of the day. You might want to have a heavy breakfast to jumpstart your day followed by a protein-rich lunch and dinner with snacks in between.

Lean meat like roast beef, beef tenderloin, pork chop, ham, and other types of meat that are “lean” and not full of bad fats are included on your menu. This particular food group is the best source of protein that your body needs. This can also lower cholesterol levels because it does not contain unhealthy fats. Speaking of which, lean meat is also known as a carrier of good fats including omega-3 fatty acids.


Mighty ‘Meaty’ Alternatives

Aside from pork and beef, you might also consider chicken meat and other poultry products such as turkey. Aside from the ample protein you can get by eating chicken meat, selenium is next in line. Selenium is responsible for getting rid of free radicals that can harm your cells. Furthermore, chicken and other poultry meat are also rich in choline that can keep you alert because of an improved nerve function.

Say hello to your fishy meals. Just like any other protein source, fish is allowed during the Attack Phase. As a lighter option, eating fish can lower risks of heart attack and even stroke.

If you are not really into lean meat, chicken, and fish, you can try other meat alternatives. Eggs and beans are also on the list. One last thing: don’t forget to have one and a half tablespoon of oat bran everyday during this phase.

Dukan Diet may be the solution you are looking for if you can’t resist eating a lot even when on a diet. Just remember that you still need to move more and drink plenty of water. Good luck on your fitness journey!








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