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7 Paleo Diet Side Effects That You Don’t Know

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The world is not perfect, and so is your favorite Paleo diet. Face facts now. Though there are thousands of articles online telling how the Paleo diet improves your health and reduces your weight, those articles really aren’t telling you about its side effects. Here are seven Paleo diet side effects that would really serve as an eye opener about this diet plan:

Infamous Low-Carb Flu

The Paleo diet eliminates the intake of carbohydrates, mainly coming from grains, legumes, and starch. Think of carbohydrates as fuel for your body. Your body burns these carbohydrates and turns it to energy. Now what happens in the Paleo diet?

With the absence of carbs in your diet, you’ll feel lethargic and fatigue for the first few weeks. However, your body will shift from burning carbs to burning fat to create energy. Get your fatty belly prepared for burning.

Loose Bowel Movements

Things are getting a lot more challenging for this one compared to other Paleo diet side effects. Since you unwillingly severed ties with your dear carbs, your stool might be watery. Starch and carbs help in absorbing all those grease in your stomach, of course from all of the animal fat from the meat. With more grease, your intestine might not take this lightly. Carry on.

Sugar Rush (Literally)

Since sweets are behind bars in this diet, your body is in a sugar rush – literally. You might just find yourself rushing to the nearby donut shop or ice-cream parlor. This sudden craving for sweets is your body’s crying plea for glucose, a source of energy. Though you walk in this sugar rush valley of darkness, keep your eyes on the prize.

Loss of Appetite

“Did I just read ‘loss of appetite’?” you might ask. Yes, of course, you did. It is one of the legit Paleo diet side effects. While it may sound weird, your body is transitioning from carb-burning to fat-burning. During the early stage, your body tries to conserve the last remaining carbs until it finally runs out.

The Devil’s Kiss

It’s just a fancy way to say it, but it’s actually bad breath. As your body transitions to ketosis or fat-burning, it generates a compound called acetone that might cause your breath to be the gates of hell. Just have some mints with you all the time.

Unhealthy Protein Convention

With protein coming from meat and shellfish, too much protein is actually not good. All these meat, eggs, and shellfish contain saturated fat and cholesterol which increases the level of bad LDL cholesterol and reduces the good HDL cholesterol. This might increase the risk of heart diseases.

Workouts Turning You Down

Well, if you think working out improves your mood, everything might change if you start the Paleo diet. With carbs and sugar crossed out in the equation, your body is still looking for a new source of energy. During this time, workouts may feel more draining than relaxing. Just give your body a few weeks, and you’ll feel great again.

At first, it might be hard or it is hard. But if you’re really determined to lose some weight or keep your body fit, a little bit of perseverance and willpower is a recipe for success. Regardless, every person has different body needs. Before you engage in the Paleo diet, make sure your physician recommends it, or see a nutritionist to be sure. No pain, no gain. If you can’t survive these seven Paleo diet side effects, you’ll gain nothing.



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